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Sea Hagg Distillery

June 14, 2013 Site Staff

Heather Hughes sees spirits as a nautical drink, so as founder, along with partner Ron Vars, they named their distillery Sea Hagg. They started production in July of 2013. Currently, they produce, market and sell several varieties of Spirits form Portsmouth NH.

Hughes had ties with Louisiana. One copper still helped them produce that year cases and they just brought in another to increase production. After the distillation process, the spirits are stored in new oak barrels that lend tones of oak to the finished product. Hughes says she is going for a New England flavor profile.

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Sea Hagg Distillery locally crafts small batches of artisan spirits in a traditional copper still. Owner Heather Hughes uses the most local ingredients she can find for spirits,rums, fruit rums, eau de vie and brandies. Sea Hagg Silver Rum, for example, is crafted from sugar cane molasses grown and produced in the United States. The spirits are aged in custom-toasted barrels that were charred to her specifications and aged in the Seacoast air. Next they are bottled by hand and sealed by dipping in wax.

Hughes will benefit from a grant Sam’s Club made to the national SCORE organization, a nonprofit unit of the U.S. Small Business Administration. As one of 102 winners nationwide, Hughes received a $1,000 gift certificate from Sam’s Club and she will attend a two-day, expenses-paid “High Speed Growth Seminar” in Dallas in January. This special SCORE training program will feature workshops with business executives on attracting customers, branding, online marketing and developing a sales plan.

“The gift card money will help to purchase needed items for my business and I’m really excited about the opportunity of the SCORE training in Texas,” Hughes said.

NORTH HAMPTON — Sea Hagg Distillery of North Hampton was recently chosen as one of two New Hampshire small businesses to receive national recognition.

                                    Sea Hagg Distillery - Video Profile

                                    Sea Hagg Distillery - Video Profile

Sea Hagg Distillery

Sea Hagg Distillery

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